You Must Know This Before Making Your Own Crossbow

In our modern-day, there are quite a number of enthusiastic people who are ready to remake old types of weapons. Including attracting fans from this kind of activity and crossbows. However, such pleasures require patience and a large investment of material resources. Furthermore, if you want to have a high-quality crossbow easily, we suggest you check out some of the absolute survivalist top crossbows.

How do you make medieval arrows? The bow is considered as one of the most important parts of the structure. This determines the speed of the boom, and this indicator that determines the strength of this type of weapon is fundamental. Similar details can be made of metal. A tree is also suitable, this material is the easiest to use, although such construction loses power. Here it is possible to take oak, birch, maple, and other types of wood.

All parts of this design with their size can be seen in the photo. Medieval arrows move from similar details. After all the components are cut off, it is necessary to attach the bow to the bed. This is done using an ordinary rope, which is passed through a window.

The simplest model of the trigger mechanism must be considered as such an option when the hook strap is on the default pin. And so that you don’t shoot first, you have to use a pin. You can make bowstrings from synthetic fibers using Dacron, Dacron and other materials of the same type.

What is the range and speed of arrows for automatic arrows made of steel? According to some, taken from books relating to medieval weapons, such a movement did not happen too fast. However, it is done with almost no loss of speed, which is around 50 m / s. At the same time, arrows fly an average distance of around 420 m. Of course, this data may be doubtful, because at that time there were no chronometers, and in our time there were no similar types of weapons. Including to clarify information, a replica of a medieval bow was made. The re-creation of this type of weapon helps refresh historical information.

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