You Can Try These Tips To Maintain Of Your Car Tyres

Checking the air pressure in the tyres, in addition to safety and comfort, the air pressure by the specifications will make the tyre life longer and also save fuel. If the air pressure in the tyre is less, then the risk of experiencing a tyre burst is greater. Because the sidewall of the tyre will be forced to always be in contact with the road and eventually become worn/thin so it will not be strong enough to withstand the weight of the car. When your tyres are damaged, we recommend you to visit the service of mobile tyre fitting london.

To see the size of the air pressure according to the manufacturer’s standards, you can look at the sticker which is usually found on the B-pillar on the right side of the front door of the car, on the driver’s side. Or usually, the information is also available in the vehicle manual. The maximum air pressure allowed by the tyre manufacturer is also usually printed on the tyre wall, do not exceed this limit.

Rotating or shifting the position of the four-car tyres is also necessary. The point is that the level of tyre wear will spread evenly, thus affecting driving comfort. It is recommended that this tyre rotation be done every 10,000 km.

In addition to tyre rotation, each vehicle is also required to periodically check the condition of the alignment of the tyres. Perhaps better known as spooring and balancing. Ideally, this spooring and balancing maintenance is carried out every 10,000km, along with tyre rotation.

Some of the symptoms, you feel the steering wheel vibrates or is not straight anymore. Or if you go straight, then the car will tend to the right or left. It can be an indicator for spooring and balancing.

Spooring itself is a process to realign the position of the four wheels of the car as before, while balancing is the process of balancing the rotation of the car’s wheels. If this treatment is not carried out, the result will be uncomfortable driving, the steering wheel will vibrate and even worse, the car tyres will experience uneven wear.

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