What Is The Difference Between Domain And Hosting?

As the name suggests, domain hosting is a service that hosts the domain name for your website. They provide domains for users to purchase and register at varying costs. This service differs from web hosting providers in that it allows you to buy a domain and web hosting from one place. Even though the concept is completely different, many people still don’t know the difference between domain and hosting. Both of them are inseparable elements in creating a website, they also have different functions. Aside from that, if you also run a website in New Zealand, you can take a look at the best domain registrars NZ.

Now is the time to find out the difference between domain and hosting. If your IP address and domain name are like your home address, web hosting is the home you live in. Without web hosting, a website cannot be online on the Internet. So, the two of them cannot be separated from each other. After getting a domain name, you will need to synchronize and point it to your web hosting provider. To avoid problems, it’s best to buy everything from one provider. You don’t have to bother linking everything manually and can get started right away.

After knowing the meaning of domain vs hosting, here are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand the difference between domain and hosting:

Do you need web hosting if you already have a domain name?

Yes. The domain name is just the address of your website, while web hosting is the place to store all website data. Without web hosting, your website would not exist and the domain name would have no purpose.

Do you need a domain if you already have web hosting?

It depends, but usually, the answer is: yes. Some web hosting providers include a free subdomain name. However, this subdomain will not give your site a professional impression and is not customizable.

Having your domain name will give your website its branding and feel. Also, visitors will find it easier to remember the name of your site.

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