Weak Electric Current

Electrical short circuits often occur in residential areas, even though several installation standards have been carried out properly and correctly with nen 3140 certificaat. But you don’t need to worry, how to deal with a short circuit at home is quite easy to understand and can be done by residents of the house. Electricity ups and downs, which tend to be a sign of electrical weakness, can also occur because of electrical shorts.

You just have to turn off all electricity. The trick is to press the switch on the MCB down to stop the electric current entering the house and look for signs on some electronic equipment to the lights in the house. If there are no visible signs, immediately contact a technician to see the deepest part of the flow cable. The possibility of weak electricity comes from damage to the house that causes electricity to be interrupted.

Not only internal problems can cause a weakening of the flow of electricity. Disturbances from the main power source can also be the main cause. Especially if the area around the residence is prone to high-voltage electricity which can cause damage. This will cause the electricity in the dwelling to go up and down. Heavy rain conditions, fallen trees, dangerous strong lightning, and damage to connecting cables are some of the main causes of interference with the power source. This will also have an impact on electricity in the settlements. For this one loss, Pins only needs to wait for a professional to repair and monitor whether the electricity is properly used at home.

Well, for minor damage, sometimes it can also be a problem that never ends. However, there are several alternative efforts to overcome this type of damage, the methods are as follows:

– Use of Stabilizer
– Addition of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
– Installation of Shunt Capacitor Ata Vant Compensator
– Voltage Improvement

But for the installation of some of the tools above, try to consult the experts to get the right picture! The needs of each of these tools are adjusted to the type of problem at hand. Some of the ups and downs of electricity problems do require the tool as support.

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