Treat A Dog In A Small House

Since childhood, you always wanted to have a pet. Once you manage to buy your own house, you decide to keep a dog as your friend at home. The problem is your house may be too narrow, and even the yard area is very narrow. Meanwhile, the dog that you buy from Best Boutique Dog Breeder then you keep the bigger the body shape. To keep the house tidy, consider the following ways when you have a dog in a house with a narrow space.

Adjust the dog you are going to keep according to the size of the house
Some countries have a ratio of dog size to the house area. The goal is that both the dog and the owner have enough room to move.

Some small to medium-sized dog breeds that can be kept in homes with limited space are the dachshund, chihuahua, and beagle.

Some medium- to large-sized dogs, such as the bulldog and greyhound, have a calm character so they don’t move around much in the house.

Define room boundaries
Dogs are animals that are easy to train. If you are firm, he will not enter the room without your permission.
Limit the movement space, for example, dogs should not enter your dining room and bedroom. This also makes it easier for you to clean the room, because you already know which parts your dog has touched.

Discipline in feeding
Dogs will walk into your house and make a mess of your house if you’re used to giving treats in the house.

Always feed your dog outdoors, so he’ll come out when he’s looking for food. Providing food outside also aims to prevent food from being scattered inside the house which will invite ants and flies.

Clean the room
At least once a week vacuum areas that your dog frequently enters. This is to prevent your pet’s scent from settling in one particular area.

Take it out every morning
Not only you, but dogs also need to enjoy the fresh air and move more. If you limit their range of motion too much, your dog will feel confined and move around freely in your home.

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