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Did you just buy a furniture such as sofa to fill the living room? Apart from being part of the room decoration, the existence of a sofa is also very useful. Just imagine, how many things you can do on the couch every day. Starting from reading a book, watching television, chatting, or just sleeping. Therefore, a comfortable sofa is a very good investment to increase the happiness of residents. You can get the best one on

Good quality new sofa, of course, no doubt about its comfort. However, the longer it is used, the quality of the sofa can be reduced. What caused it?

Stains are the most common problem that occurs on a sofa. Stains can be caused by various things, namely dust, food or drink spills, used sticky colored objects, and so on. If not cleaned immediately, the stain will become thicker and harder to remove. As a result, the look of the sofa is not perfect anymore. One of the things you can do so that the stain is not too disturbing the appearance of the sofa is to choose colors that tend to be dark. This strategy will slightly hide the stains that are already attached to the sofa.

Faded and Changed Color
In general, there are several things that cause discoloration on the sofa. First, because the age of the sofa is long enough. Second, the placement of sofas that are often exposed to sunlight so that the colors of the sofa fade quickly. Third, because you clean the sofa with materials that are not intended to clean the sofa. One way to overcome this problem is to change the position of the sofa so that it is better protected from direct sunlight. To clean the sofa you have to be more careful. Make sure the cleaning materials and tools you use don’t damage the surface of the sofa.

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