Tips for Making a Goat Cage

Goats become a potential business if the maintenance techniques are carried out correctly. This is what should make you have to understand how to properly care for goats. You can find out more on Christian Homesteading website.

Then what needs to be considered in starting goat care properly? A healthy goat is a fat goat. Yes, fat has become the standard, not excessive fat, but just the right fat. From a business point of view, seeing a skinny goat, of course, is not interested in buying it and will automatically affect the selling price.

The following are some important points that must be considered by both novice and old goat breeders:

Adjust the Cage Size and the Goats
You can estimate the size of the cage by the number of goats kept, make sure he has room to move. The ideal size of the goat cage is 1.1 x 1.25 meters for one goat. So, what size cage do you make, just adjust it with how many goats will be kept. Goats are crammed, living in cages with sizes that do not meet the standards above, it will be difficult to get space, make the air feel tight, it is difficult to eat and drink, breeders are difficult to care for, also if a disease occurs it will be very easily transmitted because of the large number of goats. that are close together.

Keeping the Cage Clean and Sanitary
Routinely clean the rest of the scattered food. A dirty and smelly cage can disturb the comfort of the goat, so make a time schedule for cleaning. It is better to clean it in the afternoon when the goat is not active. Avoid cleaning the cage while the goats are eating so as not to disturb their appetite. Clean every day to avoid the buildup of dirt.

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