This Is How To Measure Dress Pattern

Making the pattern of clothes in sewing is actually not too difficult. You just have to know the right way, so you can make the best dress patterns for the clothes you want to sew using your best sewing kit.

Here’s how to make a dress pattern that you can make as a reference in starting to learn self-taught sewing:

How to make a shirt pattern for the upper body

a pattern for the upper body is a pattern made for the body of the shoulder to the waist.

How to Make a Shirt Pattern for the Lower Body

The basic pattern of the lower part is the pattern that is made for the lower body, such as the waist to the knee or sometimes the pattern is made up to the ankles.

How to make a pattern for sleeves

Arm pattern is a pattern made for the arm that is measured from the upper arm to the elbow or continued to the wrist.

Upper Body Pattern and Lower Body Pattern

Upper body patterns and lower body patterns are patterns that are used as archetypes in making dresses or overalls.

How to Measure The Body

Body measurements are the next basic thing that needs to be learned after learning how to make clothes patterns. How to do body measurements can be said to be quite easy. The model that will be used as a benchmark must stand tall. The aim is to make it easier to measure.

Some of the body parts measured include:

Neck Circumference Measurement

Measurements on the circumference of the neck are carried out around the lower neck by placing the index finger on the bend of the neck or measured then added 1 cm.

Measurement of Body Circumference

Measurement of body circumference is carried out on the upper part of the body. Precisely at the chest, by taking the largest body part as a benchmark.

The size of the circumference of the body obtained from the measurement of the circumference of the body model is then given an additional four cm or four fingers.

Waist Circumference Measurement

This measurement will calculate how large the waist diameter is.

Pelvic Height Measurement

It is done at the bottom of the waist to the pelvic boundary.

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