Things that Must Be Prepared before Push Rank, Guaranteed Mythic!

Push rank means to raise the rank, this word is often used to invite friends to play Mobile Legends. The name is also a game, it is not uncommon to experience defeat when doing push rank. Apart from internal factors, this can also occur due to external factors. In order not to experience defeat when doing push rank, you should use compte lol unranked.

The first thing that must be prepared is free time, you don’t want to play anymore when you suddenly get called by the boss. Everyone has different free time, usually at night is the best time to do push rank. Never do push rank when you are at work or even at school. Doing a push rank during peak hours will cause a decrease in concentration, AFK, and experience defeat. If it’s like this, instead of going up in rank, it’s even going down in rank. Don’t do it! The second thing that must be prepared before doing a push rank is a comfortable place, this can increase concentration and game performance. Everyone has a different definition of comfortable, some feel comfortable when the place is clean and some feel comfortable in a messy place. What is your definition of comfort?

Find a place where no one else can disturb you while playing and find a place where no one else can be bothered by your voice. Don’t push rank on public transportation, especially while driving.

The third thing that must be prepared is a stable internet connection, you don’t want to play again suddenly the network breaks. For people who live in cities, the network may not be a problem because all providers are available in the city, the network is a serious problem for those of you who live in rural areas. Make sure to first check the speed of the internet connection in your area before doing a push rank, undo your intention to play if the Ping is above 100. Desperate to push rank on an unstable network will cause playing performance to drop, have great potential to become a noob, do AFK and decrease in credit score. Don’t force

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