These Are Effective Ornamental Plant Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Are you considering maintaining ornamental plants in your home? Like a pair of parents who prepare the presence of their baby, deciding to maintain ornamental plants also requires some preparation and routine that will have to continue. You can also find more information here so you know more about ornamental plants.

We have put together a number of ways that are expected to help beginners take care of their new plants, such as:

Get to know the right type of plant

The first thing to do is to make sure that the types of plants that you will care for can live in the environment where you live. Starting from the intensity of sunlight that will be received, the temperature in your home environment to the humidity of the surrounding air.

Know and then adjust what types of ornamental plants can survive in the environment where you live. This step is very important because that way, plants will live more comfortably and longer.

Determine the appropriate place and media

The intended placement is not just the placement of plants in the home environment but also the type of pots and media chosen to accommodate the plants themselves. In connection with the media selection and transfer of pots, we recommend that the new ornamental plants you buy do not immediately be transferred to new pots after experiencing a move from the seller to your home.

Let your ornamental plants adjust to the new environment for a few days before returning to feel the move to a new pot. Doing this can reduce the tendency of plants to feel stress.

Water the plants sufficiently

Having a new ornamental plant sometimes makes some people want to keep watering it so their plants are healthy and fertile. This view is very wrong. Watering the plants continuously will make the plant excess moisture and rot.

What you can do to find out when your ornamental plants need to be watered is to put your finger in the soil of the plant, if the soil still feels moist, your plants don’t need to be watered yet. However, if your soil feels dry then this is the right time to water your plants.

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