These Are 3 Tips To Use A Baby Monitor 2 Cameras Correctly So The Baby Stays Safe

For parents, baby monitors can provide additional security for their babies. Anxiety can be reduced a little because the baby can be monitored continuously. However, baby monitors can be risky if it’s being used carelessly. Meanwhile, if you want to find baby monitors with 2 cameras, you can visit adviserbaby.com right away.

Here are 3 tips for using the right baby monitor to keep your baby safe:

1. Plug cable

Baby monitors have many electronic components. One of them is the plug cable. Try to keep the plug cords out of reach of the crib. This is to anticipate if at any time the baby accidentally reaches for the cable that could harm him.

If you want to install the one of the two cameras on the wall, make sure the cable is not hanging. Use a safety guard so that the cable can be neatly attached to the wall. Besides, make sure you also keep the distance between the baby’s crib and the plug cable.

If you have other older children, teach them not to play with the cables.

2. Position the 2 cameras

Placing the two baby monitor cameras is tricky. If it is too far away, parents will have difficulty monitoring the baby’s position. Is the baby crying, hungry, or wanting to change diapers. However, placing the baby monitor camera too close can also be dangerous.

The baby’s movements are sometimes unpredictable. There are times when they are so active that they reach the objects around them. Do not let the camera position too close to provoking curiosity to endanger them.

Therefore, you should put the 2 cameras in an ideal position. Don’t go too far, don’t get too close either.

3. Frequency

The average baby monitor works at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This frequency is usually the same as the frequency of other devices in the house. If the frequencies collide, the performance of the tool will not work optimally.

As a solution, you can use a baby monitor with DECT technology. This technology uses a 1.9 GHz frequency which is much less likely to conflict with other devices.

Besides, make sure you have installed and tested the baby monitor before the baby arrives at home.

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