These 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wise In Using Tissues

Without realizing it, the tissue that we (always) use every day turns out to be a contributor to serious environmental problems and can harm the earth. Starting at home, we can see how much tissue waste we often use. Sometimes, we throw it in the drains that make it jammed and damaged. 24 hour plumbing los angeles can be contacted in an emergency if something bad like that happens, but the problem will not go away if we still use tissue too often. Almost used in all aspects of life, it seems too difficult not to rely on tissue, right? But the use of this one item is slowly but surely bringing a destructive effect to the environment.

Everything that threatens the earth has even started since the tissue production process! Even the tissue and paper industry is the third-largest contributor to gas emissions in the global warming scheme. How dangerous is tissue to our earth? And how to reduce the effect?

You may not believe in the after-effects of the tissue production process. Dr. William Yu, Founder and Chief Executive of the World Green Organization also explained the negative effects of tissue production. Worse, the use of tissue in a day around the world can even reach over one ton. Data from the Earthbuddies website found that the use of tissue in Hong Kong in 2014 reached 668 tons per day. That is equivalent to 11,300 trees and 13 million gallons of water used to meet the production of tissue raw materials.

It doesn’t end there, the process of making tissue also has an impact on the problem of gas emissions in the world. Still from the Scientific American website, the danger to the earth also comes from the production of tissue that can penetrate the electricity usage rate of 17.3 Terawatt per year. This also does not include additional emissions created during packaging and transportation activities for distribution from factories to retailers.

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