There Are Some Air Compressor Maintenance Tips That You Can Do

Air compressor machines are widely used in various fields, such as industrial, medical, and also used in electronic equipment for residential locations (for example refrigerators and air conditioners). When an air compressor is used continuously without paying attention to its cleanliness and safety aspects, the compressor can be severely damaged. Therefore, you might also need to visit https://garagemasterblog.com/best-air-compressors-for-home-garage/ to find a durable air compressor that fits in your garage.

The following are things that must be considered in the maintenance and use of a good compressor and according to efficient procedures:

Turn off the compressor when not in use

There is a time of 168 hours in a week, but almost all compressor systems that run continuously are close to the capacity of up to 100 hours of working time. Turning off your compressor at night and on weekends can minimize your electricity load by up to 20 percent.

Check the Fuel Level of Your Compressor Routinely

If your compressor requires diesel fuel, make sure to check each component before you use it. If the soluble content is low or insufficient, your composer can cause serious damage to the compressor. After 500-1000 hours of usage, you must replace the compressor fuel with fresh fuel.

Clean the Air Filter

If your compressor filter water is dirty, it is because your compressor is working harder and using more to get the job done. You also run the risk of the compressor being damaged quite badly.

Check all filters on your compressor properly and thoroughly and replace the compressor filter, if it has some dust and dirt. If you rarely use a compressor, it is advisable to change your air filter every 3-6 to months.

Replacing the Separator Element

The separator element is responsible for preventing excessive fuel consumption. But, if you don’t replace it regularly, your bill will increase drastically.

For each of 2 drops of PSI in the separator pressure, your bill can increase by 1%. It is much cheaper if you replace the separator element which is compared to make your bill increase steadily over time.

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