There Are Several Characteristics And Types Of Traditional Theater

The traditional theatre is also often referred to as “regional theatre” as a form of theatre art that originates from the community of an area, has roots in society, and is considered to be its property by a community in its environment. Processing of regional theatre based on the taste of the supporting community. The traditional theatre features regional specificity and depicts the culture of its environment. If you need a script for such a theatre, perhaps you can find it on a website that offers scripts for plays.

The main characteristics of Traditional Theater include;

– The language used is the regional language, with an accent and regional language style.
– Without a detailed scenario and prioritizes improvisation.
– There are elements of traditional singing and dance.
– Using the accompaniment of traditional regional musical instruments (regional music).
– Colored with jokes that invite laughter from the audience.
– Friendly between the players and the audience.
– The atmosphere of the show is relaxed.

The types of theatre that can be grouped into Traditional Theater, namely;

a. People’s Theater

The folk theatre is born spontaneously in people’s lives, is lived by the community, and develops according to the cultural development of the community. In general, the folk theatre was born due to the encouragement of people’s need for entertainment, which then increased for other interests such as; the need for traditional ceremonial traditions (traditional wedding ceremonies, etc.).

b. Classical Theater

The classical theatre is a theatre development that has reached a higher level in its cultivation, both technically and in theatrical style. The existence of continuous guidance and training from the upper classes, such as kings, aristocrats, or other social levels makes the quality of this type of theatre experience established. Therefore, this type of classical art was mostly born in the palace environment (the centre of the kingdom).

c. Transition Theater

The transitional theatre also basically originates from the traditional theatre, but its performance style is heavily influenced by the western theatre. The influence of western theatre can be seen in the manner of presenting this transitional theatre. Although the transitional theatre is not yet fully loyal to theatre scripts, because it grows from urban society and is widely played by migrants, this theatre does not fully reflect the aspirations of the people.

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