The Importance Of Prayer

For you who believe in God, the most important thing to remember is prayer. Humans can make prayer as an interaction with God. We have been encouraged to pray by reciting the names of God. Not to mention if the prayer is answered by God then there will be an invaluable advantage. Prayer is a key to grace, so begin your activities and charities with prayer. Whoever wants God deigns to grant prayers to him in times of narrowness and distress, then multiply pray in the field and multiply read the holy bible. Thus surely God will suffice both in terms of world affairs and the hereafter. For those who are sick, prayer will also give you many benefits. Prayer for healing will help you heal your sickness and gain the strength you need.

The benefits of prayer if accepted by Gn the prayer namely. all intentions will be achieved easily, the enemy will reverse love him, will awake and be kept away from all disasters and be avoided from various magic, can be protected from heresy, can provide body strength and others. As for the other benefits when we read prayers in human life, namely, the house is protected from demonic interference. Based on the belief whoever reads the bible in his house then Satan will not be able to enter the house until the next day.

All needs are fulfilled in the world. Whoever reads the bible in the morning and afternoon three times, God will provide for all his needs in the world. So that someone will not feel deprived of life in the world. Enhanced favor is another benefit from prayer. Whoever reads the bible in the morning and evening and remember to pray to God then God will perfect his favors, so that someone will get a lot of excess of good satisfaction from refined and environmental regards.

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