The Importance Of Barrier

The existence of a barrier is very important to support the safety and comfort of the audience in the concert. With this barrier, the activity and mobility of the audience can be more organized and easier to control. Finding this fence is now even easier along with heras fencing supplies. However, don’t be careless in deciding to rent. Pay attention to the following things so that the selected concert barricade can provide optimal benefits according to the concert’s needs.

You need to make sure that you know the type of fence according to need. There are many types of pedestrian barrier available. Although generally have the same function, each one still has a different function. The most common type and widely used is the type of aluminium barrier gate. It is in the form of a board with aluminium plates filling the middle with small circles. Its slippery surface is one of the advantages of being easy for spectators to climb. In addition to this standard model, there are also models of bars, huts, and so on. Just adjust the type to be rented with detailed needs based on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of barricade.

Suitable leg models are also an important factor in deciding the best barrier. Like the type of counselling barricade, the model of the legs on each guardrail is also different. There are three types of leg models used, namely flat-free, bridge/round, and roller. Flat-free is the most popular and carries the least risk of damage. Especially for parallel crowd control, the flat-free leg model is arguably the best. Meanwhile, round / bridge is mostly used on soft surfaces such as grass and rollers are used when the barricades will be moved frequently. Make sure it is the right size. After determining the following types of barricade leg models to choose from, it’s time to determine the size. The size of this barricade includes a combination of height, width, and the hooking mechanism to be used.

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