The following 5 marketing KPIs should be tracked

The following 5 marketing KPIs should be tracked

Using marketing tools requires precision. If you need help taking care of this, you can contact KingKong and check King Kong marketing agency reviews on the internet for references. Marketing KPIs must be tracked precisely within your business. Observe the following marketing KPIs:

1. Leads: This straightforward concept is among the top marketing KPIs. You have more opportunities to close sales as you gather more leads. There is a greater likelihood for sales growth when there are more sales opportunities.

2. Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV): This metric estimates how much a customer will be worth to your company throughout their relationship. This marketing KPI is the best way to show the ROI for your business. Using the data you glean from this KPI, you can create future business objectives. In essence, understanding every sale your typical customer has started throughout your relationship is necessary to determine how important they will be to you overall.

3. Sales Team Response Time: As time goes on, a lead’s quality deteriorates. A lead is more likely to be a quality lead if your sales staff responds to it quickly. You may enhance the performance of your sales team by using this marketing KPI.

4. Ratio of Website Traffic to Website Leads: It’s critical to understand how many website visitors turn into leads. This KPI is useful for monitoring the conversion rate and quality of the traffic to your website.

5. Social Media Reach and Engagement: A key component of your marketing activities is your social media strategy. It provides you with the chance to share your content and communicate with both your present and potential clients (but you probably know this already). Keeping tabs on your development, such as your increase in Twitter followers and Facebook likes, is a fantastic approach to gauge this KPI. With social media platforms’ built-in tracking and analytics capabilities, it is now simple to monitor your growth. To gather all the information you require from your Twitter account, for instance, you may use a Twitter marketing tool.

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