The Development of AI in Human Life

In a lot of science fiction the existence of humanoid robots is both fun and dangerous. The robots have a human-like appearance, not to mention they are equipped with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence allows robots to think and make decisions like humans. Did you know that artificial intelligence from machine learning computer vision is not just science fiction, but is being developed in the real world? Reporting from Stanford Computer Science, artificial intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, involving mechanisms to carry out a task using a computer. So artificial intelligence is a technology that allows computer systems, software, programs and robots to “think” intelligently like humans.

The emergence of the concept of artificial intelligence was first discovered after World War II by a young mathematician and philosopher named Alan Turing in 1947. Alan Turing thought that if humans can process information and solve problems and make decisions from that information, then machines can also do it. Reporting from Science in the News, from this logical framework Alan Turing made a paper in 1950 about how to build intelligent machines and how to test their intelligence. Since then, artificial intelligence has grown rapidly until now. Currently computers have used artificial intelligence based on logic programming. Where the computer can process the stimulation given by humans into an expert-based decision. For example, software that can recognize human voices and perform commands according to the given voice. There is also a computer program created for playing chess and called IBM’s Deep Blue. The great thing is that IBM’s Deep Blue beat world chess champion gary Kasparov in 1997. Artificial intelligence continues to evolve with the goal of creating intelligence similar to humans.

For example a robot developed by Cynthia Breazeal named Kismet. Kismet can recognize and display emotions like humans. Not only about robots, artificial intelligence also covers machine automation systems such as cars with auto pilot capabilities or self-driving.

Artificial intelligence works according to programming algorithms on a given computer system in the manufacturing process. Algorithm programming framework of artificial intelligent in processing various types of data. Reporting from Brookings, artificial intelligent programming algorithms require large and powerful data for computers to distinguish useful patterns. With so much data and complex algorithms, machines seem to be able to think for themselves, make decisions, learn, and adapt.

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