The Danger Behind The Beauty Of Carpets

The richness of shapes and colors makes carpets often used in a children’s area. It is their favorite area to play. The wrong application can have a devastating effect on children. Carpet is a popular floor covering, especially for applications in children’s rooms. This is because of the variety of shapes and colors, and easy installation. Carpets have several drawbacks and can have an impact on your child’s health. The fine threads of the carpet easily bind and collect dust, which can lead to respiratory problems. Besides, if it is rarely cared for, small animals and insects can also live in it. Care is certainly the most important thing for those of you who have chosen a carpet to decorate your child’s room. However, if you think it is a difficult thing for you to do yourself, then you can contact a company that specializes in cleaning carpet materials such as oriental carpet cleaning near me.

To just remove dust on the carpet, you can do it yourself with a vacuum, preferably once a week. But if you have a baby twice a week is ideal. Especially if the baby has started to crawl, he will often be playing on the carpet. Likewise when having pets such as cats, vacuum once a week with a vacuum. You don’t want the feathers to trigger an allergic reaction and can contaminate food and drink. The cleaning process itself, if you want to do it yourself, do it once a month.

Also, if you want to clean the stain on the carpet, you can clean the stain with a towel that has been dipped in hot water, then place it on top. Move the towel from the outside to the center of the carpet area. Do not use household cleaning tools, such as soaps that are commonly recommended for cleaning textile items.

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