The Benefits And Advantages of Tree Trimming

Trimming is the removal of some parts of the plant in a garden. It is usually associated with cutting diseased, unproductive, or unwanted parts of a plant. There are many purposes that you get from tree trimming. Some of them are, to make your tree or plant looks solid. There is also a trimming for shaping habitus (canopy) plants to seemed short, the second aim from trimming is to keep the branch and the growth balanced, and the third trimming purpose is to accelerate the growth of flower and fruit or to increase the quality of fruit and flowers that been produced. Trimming also has many benefits, such as to maintain health and increase production. Trimming is also able to keep the plant moist so pests and diseases are not easy to come. You can take care your lawn by using string trimmer. Visit our website to get string trimmers review.

Based on the age of the plant, trimming is divided into some types. First is trimming plants that already produce, and second is trimming with the aim of flowering and fruiting. It is using the canopy trimming method. Canopy trimming is tailored to the plant type. There is a plant type that needs to be trimmed regularly and some plants only need a lightly trimmed to drive the irregular growth.

The first trim is done when the plant is less than a year, or when the steam reached 75- 100 cm tall from the surface of the pot.

The way to trim is, pick 3 primary branches. If the primary length reached 50 cm, trim the end of the branch until the secondary branch grows. Only choose three secondary branches in a single primary branch. Next, trim the end of secondary branches until tertiary branches grow, and again, choose only three tertiary branches. Normally, this type of branch has less potential to produce fruit. From all of the three branches, flowers and fruits will happen in the tertiary branch.
Before you do a trimming, you should fertilize your plant with organic fertilizer. This fertilization is needed, so your plant will grow a new shoot or sprout after being trimmed.

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