Symptoms of Crown Chakra Opening

Do you have frequent headaches and unusual changes in sleep patterns? Feel like your mind is “unstoppable” and your thoughts are constantly out of control? Then you may be experiencing some signs of the crown chakra opening. The sahasrara chakra or crown chakra is the energy center in humans that is closely related to knowledge of the secrets of the universe and divine consciousness. When a person’s sahasrara chakra is fully opened, he will experience spiritual awareness and know many secrets of the universe. You can get help from Brainwave Entrainment.

The process of alignment/involution (change from within) must be accompanied by various changes in the behavior pattern of the person concerned. Loneliness (withdrawal) is one of the hallmark hallmarks of this process, and several other sudden changes in behavior are clearly observable. A person tends to have a different perspective in understanding life and all things, completely different from the mainsteam thinking of ordinary people who are still trapped in duality (right/wrong).

Also, there is a change in the relationship or romance, marked by the loss/away of some friends who used to be very close, replaced by the emergence of new friends and relationships, suddenly breaking up with a partner, etc. There may also be lifestyle changes such as the emergence of a new interest or new hobby. All of this happens because of the self-learning process that a person is going through in an effort to achieve self-awareness (consciousness). As the saying goes, ‘The more you learn, the less you talk’. A person tends to change into talking less, communicating as needed, or even just wanting to talk to people who are on the same frequency.

During the process of opening this crown chakra, there is constant turbulence between negative thoughts/vibrations/memory in one’s mind. The mind is in a difficult state of accepting a new paradigm shift. Because there is a tendency to maintain the status quo, still sticking to old mindsets, ideas, and even habits. As a result the body reacts, and is often observed experiencing certain symptoms such as headaches or affecting other body parts.

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