Some Inspiration For Carpets In The Living Room

Carpet can be used in various types of rooms, ranging from small to large rooms. Some rooms that generally use carpet are the living room, family room, and bedroom. When using carpet for your living room, you must pay attention to the value of design harmony. The thing you need to consider also is the cleanliness of the carpet. You can contact carpet cleaning sydney if you can’t clean the carpet for the living room by yourself.

Customize with other living room decorations such as chairs, display cabinets, wallpapers, and wall decorations. If the combination is not right, will reduce the comfort for guests who visit. Therefore, Arsitag has summarized inspiration for you who want to buy a carpet for the living room.

1. Minimalist simple carpet
The color of the carpet should be adjusted to the interior design of the living room. Especially if the minimalist modern-themed living room. For example, you use a brown theme. You should choose a carpet color that is one gradation with the color of the sofa chair, wooden walls, and brown curtains.

2. Industrial carpet
For industrial themes, the use of carpet is also still needed to support the aesthetics to make it look more elegant. However, the selection of carpets in the industrial living room is preferred dark colors such as black, gray, or dark brown.

3. Carpet with Persian motifs
You can find lots of carpet motifs available on the market. If you design a living room with a Middle Eastern concept, then the Persian rug is perfect for your living room.

4. Soft fur carpet
The type of carpet that is recently popularly used is fur rugs. The surface is very soft and made of large hairs. If you want to buy a new carpet, maybe you can try a soft fur carpet for the living room. As a complement, you can add a fabric sofa cover which is also made of furry material.

5. Carpet with mid-century motifs
To bring a little mid-century nuance in the living room, you can use a carpet with a zig-zag pattern as above. Although colorful and not in harmony with other decorations. The contrasting color of the carpet managed to bring the living room dominated by the color brown.

6. Carpet zig-zag pattern
The zig-zag pattern is not only used to present Scandinavian impressions, but also to provide firmness. Moreover, if you use a carpet with colors that collide with the interior theme of space. The living room becomes not monotonous or pale.

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