Several Types of Chakras

For those of you who often take classes or read yoga philosophy books, you may already be familiar with the word “chakra”. However, do you already know the real meaning? Derived from Sanskrit, chakra means wheel or circle which describes the place of energy in the center of the human body. The human chakra plays a role in regulating and creating energy, so that a person can move, think, and move well. Although this term is still debated scientifically, many people assume the presence of chakras in the body can be felt. You can visit our website to know more about Binaural Beats.

Basic Chakra
The basic chakra or Muladhara symbolizes the foundation or energy center of the physical body, material life, and spirit of one’s life. In the human body, this chakra is located at the base of the spine or tailbone. If you have a good Muladhara, then a person will have a high spirit and motivation in life. Meanwhile, a bad Muladhara will make a person easily discouraged, lazy, and not enthusiastic in living life.

Chakra Sex
As the name implies, the sex chakra or Swadhisthana is associated with reproduction and plays an important role in one’s sexual activity. This chakra located in the pelvic bone is also associated with the throat chakra which functions in the creation of creativity or ideas. A person with good Swadhisthana will have a more positive and confident mind. On the other hand, a person will be rude, less creative, and think negatively if his Swadhisthana is bad.

Manipura Chakra
Located around the waist and navel, the Manipura chakra plays a role in maintaining one’s vitality. A person with bad Manipura will experience envy, shame, and feelings of internal discomfort. However, those who have good chakra will feel safe, comfortable, free to express their identity, and confident.

Lastly, there is the crown chakra, or the highest chakra that is above the head, precisely in the brain and nervous system area (the crown). Sahasrara symbolizes one’s ability to connect completely spiritually. If it is fully developed, it can have a higher consciousness. Unfortunately, Sahasrara also has a negative impact on a person, such as being easily depressed, stressed, and having difficulty understanding things and isolating himself.

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