Rows Of Millionaires Own The Most Luxurious Ship

For wealthy people buying a luxury or expensive goods is not something difficult. Anything they can buy without a second thought. Including buying luxury boats for sale. Like these billionaires, they have luxury yachts purchased at exorbitant prices. Who are they? Here’s a summary.

Bill Gates
It was easy for Bill Gates to buy the things he wanted. Because as is known Gates is one of the richest people in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that he was able to buy a yacht.

Yup, Gates owns a luxury yacht called Goygpus. Gates yacht facilities are also the same as other luxury ships. He also often uses the ship for personal purposes with his family.

Larry Ellison
Similar to Bill Gates, software entrepreneur or software entrepreneur Larry Ellison also has a luxury yacht. The cruise ship, named Rising Sun, was purchased for around USD 200 million.
Rising Sun is called the number ten largest cruise ship in the world. It has 82 rooms, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a private cinema, and a basketball court that doubles as a helicopter pad.

Paul Allen
Another billionaire who also owns a yacht is Paul Allen. Paul Allen is also the co-founder of Microsoft, in addition to Bill Gates. The yacht he owns is called the Octopus with a price range of USD 200 million.

The luxury ship can accommodate two helicopters. Other facilities include swimming pools, nightclubs, basketball courts, cinemas, and mini-submarines to explore the depths of the ocean. At the time, the Octopus was the largest cruise ship in the world.

Larry Page
Google founder Larry Page bought a ship called Senses for $45 million. He bought the luxury ship second hand in early 2011. The facilities of the ship include a helicopter pad, a gym, ten luxurious rooms, and a classy design designed by Phillipe Starck, a famous French designer. Page’s wealth reached USD 15 billion. So it’s easy for him to buy a ship for USD 45 million.

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