Review of King Kong’s Digital Agency

Review of King Kong’s Digital Agency

Do you have any doubts as to Sabri Suby’s veracity? Here is my evaluation of King Kong Marketing’s services and its training program for Australian business aspirants. You’ll be able to decide after this assessment.

You should keep in mind that I don’t know Sabri personally or professionally. As a person who works in digital marketing and eCommerce, I’m just offering my opinions. After this, it’s entirely up to you what you decide to do.

1. King Kong assessed

Let’s start with the business of King Kong, then. They are a Melbourne-based digital marketing firm and get King Kong agency reviews with a remarkable 4.8 Google star rating. Additionally, they have achieved the highest ranking for the term “SEO agency” in Australia’s online marketplace. Impressive! They undoubtedly employ some top talent. They also have a sizable email marketing list and innovative retargeting techniques.

This business enjoys a good reputation. Other business owners have also reported some negative incidents. But for the most part, it’s been wonderful. Instead of concentrating on the negative, I would like to concentrate on the positive. Most of the negative evaluations were written a few years ago when the business was experiencing significant expansion.

They provide a comprehensive range of digital marketing services. This covers Google advertising management as well as search engine optimization (ranking your company for keywords in your local area). Additionally, they support lead generation, website design, and social media management. Lead generation through what is referred to as “lead magnets” is what they offer because leads are essential to business success.

The services available aren’t all that complicated. Heck, with my current understanding, I could probably handle all of them myself. If you know where to go for the same information they do, running your marketing campaign is simple. Now, if you were hoping that I would manage your digital marketing services for less money than King Kong, you’re out of luck. I manage two profitable companies WITHOUT making a single phone call. Ever. I am not employed. My BAS statements are very straightforward. And the majority of my income comes from side jobs.

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