People Must Know More About Water Before Trying To Survive In The Wild

It is known that the human body is almost 65% water. Water is part of the tissue, it helps the normal functioning of the body, the implementation of metabolic processes, maintaining heat balance, removing metabolic products, etc. Dehydration of the body by only a few percent causes disruption of its vital functions. At an ambient air temperature of + 30 ° C, even 20-25% of dehydration is easier to tolerate than 10-15% dehydration, but at higher air temperature. It is permissible to set a norm of about 2.5 liters of water per day. In hot weather and with vigorous physical activity, the water requirement increases significantly and reaches 4 liters per day. But not all regions of the world have natural water sources (rivers, lakes, ponds), and not all of these sources can be used. You need to know how and where to find groundwater. You also need the best survival gear to help you gather and store water effectively. You can buy the best survival gear on right away.

In conditions of autonomous existence, especially in areas with hot climates, with limited or no water reserves, water supply becomes a very important issue. It is necessary to find a water source, purify the water from organic and inorganic impurities, if necessary, or remove its salt, if it contains a lot of salt, to ensure its storage. Only in some cases, it is necessary to use natural signs for exit to water sources (animal trails, usually leading to the water, lowland wetlands). It is much more difficult to provide yourself with water in the desert, where water sources are often hidden from the eye and it is impossible to detect them without knowing the special signs and features of assistance. They can be indicated by the nature of vegetation, indicator plants, artificial signs, etc.

With a limited supply of water, especially in hot climates, where the body loses a lot of fluids due to sweating, becomes dehydrated, it is very important to reduce sweating. This can be achieved by protecting yourself from direct solar radiation with the help of simple blinds, limiting physical activity in the heat, moisturizing clothing, etc.

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