Online Advertising Mistakes

In this day and age, no matter how much capital and effort you have, it will be difficult to develop if you don’t do promotions or advertisements. Even larger businesses may lose out to small-scale businesses if the advertisements are not creative and are able to attract consumers. Moreover, if your business is an online business, good and creative advertising is an absolute must. Without creating creative advertisements, the business will slowly experience setbacks because there are no new potential customers emerging. However, what if you often advertise online but your turnover doesn’t go up? Related to this, there may be some mistakes that you do without realizing it. Now, Marquel Russel CEO of Client Attraction University will tell you.

Product Photos
In online advertising, every product photo displayed must be the best photo. Determine the angle of the image, lighting, and all aspects of the photo. Include the clearest possible image at the best resolution. Try to take photos that represent the product you are selling. The photos you take will indirectly represent you in influencing potential customers. The better and more interesting the photos are, the more people will be attracted to see your product.

The title of the advertisement
Make sure you also pay attention to each ad title that is placed. Always try to give a catchy and honest title. If the person who bought this then feels cheated, then he will never buy from you again. Make sure the ad title matches the product or service you are selling.

Item Description
If you keep your sentences short but clear in the title section, this is the opposite. You must write down the product specifications that are being sold completely and clearly. The goal is to make it easier for potential customers to consider whether they will buy it or not. If you don’t write the specifications clearly, there are usually two possibilities that will arise. The first possibility is where consumers do not buy your product, while the second possibility is that consumers will bombard you with any questions through your customer service.

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