Most Popular Type Of Watches

This type of watch can last approximately 1 day even if not used so that when the energy runs out and has died you only need to move it again to live and move normally top online watch store.

The chronograph is also popular in the early days. At the moment the chronograph watch is only used to measure the time in a race event which is equipped with three buttons on the right side. The top button is used to measure seconds up to measuring speeds of up to one-hundredth of a second. The center functions as a set of hours and minutes the same as a normal watch. What is different is the lowermost button which functions as a stopper that is turned on by the top button and then reverses to its original position at number 12.

Some have not been able to distinguish between analog watches with the quartz watches. Many consider the two hours to be the same when they are different. For analog clocks equipped with numbers 1 to 12 hours, while specifically for this quartz there is no clock pointer. There is a crystal that is a marker of minutes and hours. Similarly, the analog clock on this hour is equipped with three hands that keep moving or beating then the other two are the minute and also the hour hand. There are still many other types of watches that are also important to know such as Ana-dig which stands for analog and digital, water-resistant watch, sport watch, luxury watch, and there are also classic watches.

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