More People Start To Realize That Artificial Grass Is Beneficial

Limited land and a practical lifestyle, especially in urban areas, have led to various alternatives in residential design. One of them is the presence of synthetic grass. Initially, this grass was only used for futsal and footballs. But over time, synthetic grass has also begun to be popular and used to decorate the home lawn. But the use of artificial grass for the home lawn is still fairly minimal. Various basic weaknesses, such as not permeating water and flammability are the main obstacles.

Even so, if cared for properly, the presence of synthetic grass will be maximized. Here we summarize how to care for synthetic grass, especially for your home needs. But first, we have to understand how to install artificial turf.

Synthetic turf is fixed with special nails on the cement floor. Usually, also use special glue. This glue can reduce its adhesion if exposed to excess liquid, for example when it rains. Foot friction also has the potential to make the grass layer fall off easily due to the pull from the foot when it shifts. For homes, check the synthetic grass at least once a month. For futsal courts, check at least once a week.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for futsal players to like not to wear shirts so that the sweat drips quickly, making the grass get wet quickly. The habit of spitting up should also be avoided.

First, you have to make sure that the synthetic grass you choose is of high quality. For example, you can check the strength of the adhesive glue on a grass section.

Second, make sure the location of the synthetic grass is far from the potential for fire. So suppose it is placed in the kitchen, it must be away from the source of the fire.

Third, you must realize that synthetic grass is not made to absorb water, so for that need, you can make it yourself. For example, by making infiltration wells in the yard where you put the synthetic grass.

Meanwhile, you can use synthetic grass not only to decorate the yard, but also the walls and interior of the house. Therefore, if you are interested in using synthetic grass, make sure that you put it according to its function.

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