Moldavite: The Extraterrestrial Gemstone with Quirky Facts

Moldavite is a unique type of gemstone. It is a rare and distinctive mineral that originates from space and has piqued the interest of numerous individuals. Before you buy moldavite, here are some interesting Moldavite facts you might not be aware of:

A meteorite impact produced moldavite. A meteorite struck the planet in what is now the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic about 15 million years ago. Around 1800 degrees Celsius of heat were produced by the collision, melting the nearby rocks and forming Moldavite.

The Moldau River inspired the naming of Moldavite. The first Moldavite specimen was discovered in a river that runs through the Czech Republic. The name Moldavite originates from the German name for the river, Moldau.

One of the most sought-after gemstones in the world is moldavite. Collectors, healers, and spiritual seekers find great value in it because of its scarcity and distinctive origin. Per carat, certain specimens can sell for thousands of dollars.

A powerful energy field surrounds moldavite. Many say that Moldavite has healing and transforming qualities that can aid in mental, spiritual, and manifestation development. Also, it is a potent tool for increasing intuition and meditation.

For its therapeutic qualities, moldavite has been utilized for millennia. Moldavite was thought to offer defense against evil spirits and black magic during the Medieval Ages. It was also a talisman for luck, wealth, and alchemy.

Moldavite is a form of glass rather than a mineral. It is categorized as a tektite, a type of natural glass created by the collision of a meteorite. The iron and other minerals in the surrounding rocks that melted during the impact give moldavite its distinctive green color.

Moldavite vibrates very strongly. Some claim they can sense its energy merely by touching it, making it one of the stones with the most potent vibrations on earth. Its power is said to be purifying and cleansing, aiding in releasing unfavorable feelings and old traumas.

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