Mix And Match The Green Color Of Tosca In Your Home!

Tosca green is a color that has been famous for a long time, even today. However, its popularity is getting higher nowadays for use as a house paint color. In color psychology, Tosca green means emotional balance, stability, calm, and also patience. Green Tosca contemporary female painters are believed to encourage when someone is stressed and tired. Not infrequently the Tosca green color is also combined with other colors. There are several things that we must pay attention to in color combinations because not all colors are suitable to be combined with Tosca green.

One way to combine the right colors is to combine derivative colors with primary colors. Tosca green as a derivative color of green and blue will display the impression of a beautiful minimalist bedroom when combined with white as wall paint, or with a combination of elegant minimalist furniture. The walls of your house don’t have to be coated with just plain paint. But you can also combine it with wallpaper with a picture or with a certain pattern, but what you need to pay attention to is the color of the wallpaper. For the Tosca green color on one of the living room walls that you have, you can combine it with light blue patterned wallpaper. For the furniture itself, you can use white, beige, or light blue accented furniture, such as the sofa and table above. Tosca green color can be applied in every room of your house, including the kitchen area. You can present the Tosca green color through the kitchen set. Now, for a cooler and anti-mainstream result, mix it with a Moroccan-style ceramic backsplash, like the inspiration above. The color doesn’t need to be Tosca green because it can make the kitchen interior monotonous. We recommend that you choose a ceramic that is neutral in colors, such as black and cream.

The combination of Tosca green with pastel colors is quite attractive to women because it is thick with a mature and calming feminine impression. Well, this Tosca green combination is most suitable for bedroom walls. Don’t forget to also color the furniture in your room with the Tosca green on the wall, huh!

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