MAC Cosmetics Love Me Lipstick Review

In early February 2020, MAC released its newest lipstick titled ‘Love Me Collection’. This lipstick is presented to express love as well as a form of appreciation for yourself. Unlike other beauty brands that often release matte lipsticks, in this latest collection, MAC presents 12 lipstick colors with a satin finish. Anyway, is it worth It? Find out on is it worth It by IMHO reviews. Here’s the review:

Product description: M.A.C Love Me Collection consists of 12 colors divided into three categories of shades; nude, red, and purple. Contains argan oil and lychee fruit extract which can nourish the lips so they don’t dry out while making the lipstick last longer.

Packaging: Just like MAC lipstick packaging in general, this Love Me Collection lipstick is in the form of a bullet that is blunt on the lid. But what sets it apart is, this lipstick has a touch of nude, red, and purple colors combined with black shades.

Texture: Creamy lipstick texture with a satin finish

Scent: There is no fragrance in this lipstick

1. Creamy texture makes lipstick easy to apply perfectly
2. In one sleep, the color looks quite real
3. Although the final result is satin, this lipstick is quite durable when used. I use this lipstick at 10 am. Until 2 pm, the lipstick color looks still real even though the center of the lips starts to fade
4. Feels light when you sleep, does not make your lips “heavy” or stiff
5. Easily mixed with other lipstick colors to create an ombre lip gradient
6. The color variation is adjusted to the skin tone of women, from light to dark skin

1. Color choices are quite limited, only 12 colors. I hope that the color collection will be expanded with earthy tones or dark colors
2. If you have lips that are quite dry, this lipstick makes lips dry a little. However, this can be overcome by using lip balm first before using lipstick.

Verdict: If you are planning to buy a high-end lipstick or are planning to give yourself a gift, this new lipstick from MAC can be a great choice. The color variants are natural to bold, which can enhance your appearance.

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