Love In Different Religion, Continue Or End It?

Different beliefs often become obstacles to love to unite. But for some celebrities, they can prove that love knows no difference, including matters of religion. some people still consider the love bond between two people of different faiths to be very risky. So, should the couple survive by holding each other’s religion and all risks, or forced to end their relationship? If you are someone close to God, make a and ask for answers from people who are close to God so that you can get a calming answer.

Interfaith relations are more complicated. Two people who will undergo different relationships of belief must understand the consequences that will be faced, such as the matter of differences in values, culture, the possibility of opposition from the immediate environment, to the issue of conversion. This can be a long push-and-pull.

We need to understand and discuss the consequences of the relationship that will be lived before even starting a relationship. The goal, to understand the direction and expectations of both parties, related to differences that exist. Discuss openly your expectations, values, and culture so that you can understand each other better. Also, discuss how you will deal with family reactions.

In addition to discussing with your partner, we also discuss with the closest environment and family. The goal, you and your partner can find the best solution if you want to continue the relationship up to the level of marriage. It is indeed not easy and there is a great possibility of conflict from various parties. But you also can’t keep hiding this relationship right?

Couples should not avoid talking about differences in beliefs and procrastinating looking for solutions. It’s better to be bitter at the start. In this case, the couple must understand the consequences and demands of the family, so that the direction of the relationship becomes clearer and has a future rather than undergoing a directionless relationship.

It would be better discussed as early as possible. There are several choices. First, one succumbs and follows his partner’s beliefs. Consequently, you can be challenged by your family to the utmost, even ostracized. Then consider carefully, is he your choice that you are willing to sacrifice so much?

Second, choose to stay in touch and commit to undergoing interfaith marriages in the future. If this is the choice, then each couple needs to consider further what beliefs their children will hold in the future.

The third option, it is better to end the relationship before going further.

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