Knowing The Condition Of Your Baby All The Time

Being a parent, especially a mother, is not easy. We are required to multitask so that the needs of the little one are still met. Well, if you are a busy parent, having a baby monitor as you can find at can ease your task. A baby monitor is a tool that can monitor the baby’s condition even though you are busy cleaning the house, bathing, or cooking. With a baby monitor, you will receive a signal in the form of audio when the baby needs you. Want to know more about baby monitors?

With a range of up to 320 meters, you can move around the house more freely and don’t need to worry, because the DECT zero interference technology embedded in this tool will give you a clear notification of the sound of your baby crying or waking up from sleep. This product is also equipped with a night light that soothes the baby and a soft lullaby.

If you’re not calm enough to just hear the sound, the 2-way baby monitor with a 3.5-inch screen size is perfect for those of you who always want to see your little one alone in his room. Designed with a color LCD that is also equipped with infrared night vision, this product can show real-time video and your little one’s voice.

The product features 5 LED alerts that show the level of sound activity in the room, a temperature sensor to ensure the room temperature, and a strong wireless range of up to 200 meters to keep you connected with your baby. With its split-screen technology, you can also monitor your children in different rooms. Feel that your monitor screen is too small? Then you can use the television screen via the baby monitor to monitor your child.

It has 2 colors TFT digital screen and automatic night vision, this product is very safe to use because it has a low radiation level. This monitor has an audio range of 300 meters and video as far as 100 meters. An advanced monitor camera that is equipped with color video and LCD as well as adjustment buttons. This product operates with wireless technology so you can still use it even though it is 200 meters away from your little one.

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