Is Your Moldavite the Real Deal? Inner Vision Crystals Tell All

Is Your Moldavite the Real Deal? Inner Vision Crystals Tell All

You now possess a moldavite stone, but how can you tell if it is authentic or only a convincing imitation? Do not worry, dear reader; Inner Vision Crystals is here to assist you in distinguishing between real moldavite and how to spot fake Moldavite.

Let’s start by discussing some apparent indicators of a fake moldavite. Selling green Glass as moldavite is one of the most prevalent tactics dishonest merchants employ. Glass can resemble moldavite. Still, it lacks the actual stone’s scarcity and spiritual potency. Hence, if your “moldavite” appears too consistent or perfect, it may be false.

The cost is something else to consider. Due to the rarity and significant demand for this stone, you should be wary of any transaction that appears too good to be true. Always be on the lookout for vendors that are selling moldavite for a dubious bargain.

How can you determine if your moldavite is authentic, then? Examining the stone’s surface is one method. The character of genuine moldavite will be pitted or rough due to trapped air bubbles during its production. On the other hand, your stone is probably a fake if it is entirely polished or has noticeable tool marks.

Using a black light is another method of examining your moldavite. Under UV light, genuine moldavite will glow a vivid green, unlike fakes made of Glass and other materials. This is a quick and straightforward approach to determining whether your stone is genuine.

Of course, purchasing moldavite from a respected merchant like Inner Vision Crystals is the best way to guarantee authenticity. We only offer genuine, expertly verified moldavite stones obtained ethically. Also, our team of professionals can assist you in identifying the distinctive qualities of your moldavite to confirm that it is a genuine article.

Look for suspiciously low prices, and check your stone’s surface and UV reactivity. If in doubt, buy your moldavite from a reputable retailer like Inner Vision Crystals to ensure authenticity.

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