IPTV Benefits

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a method of circulating tv content over broadband which allows for a much more customized and active individual experience. IPTV will mean a fundamental change in viewing habits. Visitors will have a way to watch what they need, whenever they want. Interactive TV solutions will be an important differentiator for the large number of IPTV offerings that could emerge. Interactivity through fast two-way links will bring iptv canada ahead of today’s television.

IPTV provides together tv, internet and telephone. Just like cable or satellite tv, IPTV Service Providers use a set-top field (STB) that allows viewers to watch hundreds of stations and get movies via video-on-demand (VOD). IPTV uses broadband ADSL, the exact same technique that delivers high-speed Internet to computers. This opens the door to more interactivity and the potential of thousands, not thousands, of channels.

All IPTV solutions can provide simple interactivity to support navigation and broad content-level research. Electronic program information (EPG) allows viewers to view available linear and on-demand material.

EPGs may allow viewers to check program entries as much as several weeks in advance, as well as revisit programs from the previous 7 day schedule submitted. Strong research capabilities allow viewers to search for programs by title, genre and keywords. Filters allow readers to display movie offerings, audio, pay-per-view functionality, and high-definition programming.

The EPG will be customizable by viewers, who will be able to create their own line-up of stations and favorite content. As well as full-screen layouts, EPGs can have mini-overlay styles that will allow viewers to help keep watching the program at hand while browsing the schedule.

Many IPTV master box sets may incorporate a Specific Video Recorder (PVR) which will allow programs and live material to be recorded. Readers will have the ability to see one process while producing another. They will also have success using interactive solutions or movies needed while saving in the background. When viewing linear TV coding, viewers will have the ability to pause and rewind live television.

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