How to Recognize Fresh and Fresh Flowers

How to Recognize Fresh and Fresh Flowers

There are many types of flowers that you can get from flower shops. These flowers can be fresh flowers or fake flowers which are known as artificial. Both have their respective advantages, while to buy it you can adjust it to your tastes. Currently, some stores sell a variety of flowers with quality and competitive prices. The shop is called a florist and usually accepts orders for bouquets and flower bouquets according to the design desired by the customer. Even ordering there can be done online from an online florist.

Here are some ways you can do to recognize flowers that are still fresh and fresh, namely as follows:

1. The color of the flower is very bright

Flowers that are still fresh certainly have bright and striking colors. In contrast to flowers that are no longer fresh, the color has faded and even changed color. Like a fresh red rose with a crown that looks sturdy, sharp red, and slightly stiff.

2. The aroma still smells

Every fresh flower has a different scent. When the flower is still fresh, the aroma that is released is enough to smell even though basically, the flower is not fragrant. You will feel the smell resembling fresh grass or leaves when you inhale it.

3. Flower petals feel hard

Fresh flowers sold by florists have the characteristic that the petals feel hard when touched. You can pay close attention to this part because if it’s not fresh anymore, the petals will feel softer. Thus making the flower crown quickly fall out.

4. Stem strong and clean

The next feature of fresh flowers is that they have clean and strong stems. So that when it will be arranged, the flower can be easily arranged and will not break easily. Usually, the color of fresh flower stalks is bright green, with no spots or holes.

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