How to Console Someone in Grief

Have you ever felt confused when your friends are in mourning? Sometimes, we may not know what to say or do, so we did not say anything. But, there are good things we can do. So, here, in this brief narrative, we who offer the Funerals Melbourne would like to discuss some of the things you can do as an effort to console someone who just lost someone he or she loves.

Sometimes, we just need to accompany the bereaved and say the words as simple as saying sorry to show our condolences. In many cultures, holding hands or hugging someone is an effective way to show that you care. However, in some places, that might not be enough. Especially, if the bereaved wants to talk, you need to listen to them attentively. But, the best way is to help reduce the grief with your actions. For example, help with cooking, taking care of the children, or even taking care of the funeral if required. These actions are more important than words.

Additionally, you might be able to talk about the good deeds or better and nice experiences of the deceased that even the families such as the spouse, significant other, etc. may even not know of. This can make the bereaved feel happy. A lot of researchers report that people who are grieving initially receive a lot of help. But, shortly thereafter, their friends will be back to be busy with their own affairs and forget their needs. Then, make sure that you regularly check the conditions of those who are in grief. Most of them who are in such conditions will absolutely appreciate this assistance deeply because it can entertain them as well as help them with the problems they are facing at the moment. Therefore, do not hesitate and hold yourself in offering your help if there is someone you know in need of getting consoled.

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