Getting to know White Coffee and the Difference with Black Coffee

Coffee is synonymous with black. No wonder some coffee names contain the word “black”, such as long black and black coffee. Even so, the type of coffee is not only black. There is also another type known as white coffee. The word “white” in white coffee does not mean that the coffee beans used are white, but rather refers to the mixture of coffee used. Get the best white coffee from right now.

Making white coffee beans is different from black coffee beans. If black coffee beans are roasted over high heat constantly, white coffee is the opposite. White coffee beans are not roasted, just left exposed to low heat for a long time. This causes white coffee beans to tend to be pale and taste less bitter, in contrast to black coffee which tastes bitter.

Because, black coffee usually uses a lungo or extended espresso technique, white coffee actually uses espresso so the taste of the coffee is not so strong. For black coffee, we treat the coffee with good quality so that it tastes good. The final product of white coffee is also different from black coffee. There are cappuccino, latte, piccolo and flat white. The only thing that distinguishes the processing is how to make it and the shape of the foam. The coffee beans used are the same.

White coffee has recently become increasingly popular because it has been widely circulated. However, for those who don’t know, don’t ever imagine that white coffee is white like milk or dark black which is identical to the color of coffee in society. White coffee comes from coffee beans just like black coffee is commonly found. The only difference is the processing process so that it has a distinctive taste and color as a result of the processing of the coffee beans. In the past, white coffee was a specialty coffee bean that was not widely sold and was only found in a few coffee shops/shops or obtained by purchasing or ordering through a coffee roasting company. But now, we can easily get instant white coffee in the form of sachets.

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