Foot Spa Procedure

We all love to have radiant, clean, and beautiful skin. However, many of us ignore the legs. This is because most of us think that our feet are not exposed too often because we are used to wearing shoes. Even though there are several problems that often occur in the feet. These problems are caused by dry feet, prolonged activity, or wearing high heels too often. Actually, Foot Spa or Foot Spa is very beneficial for those of you who often use high heels, because it can relieve sore feet and can also reduce muscle tension in the feet. Then what are the other benefits of homedics foot spa?

Foot spa is a treatment that can provide a relaxing effect on the feet. This treatment involves soaking the feet in warm water and adding salt and essential oils. The feet will be rubbed, massaged, cleaned, and applied with foot lotion so that your feet can add nail polish to your toenails.

Foot Spa Procedure:

Prepare essentials for foot spa
When doing a foot spa, you will get several series of treatments including foot soaking, foot lotion, foot scrub, foot file, support stone or pumice stone, foot brush, hand towel, etc.
The foot spa treatment process starts with a washing process and the feet are clean.
After that, the feet will be soaked in a spa machine that has been given a water solution for 15 minutes before turning the machine off.
Next, File the leg, use a brace or foot brace and then brush the foot.
Wash the feet for the second time thoroughly.
Dry your feet with a soft towel, then apply foot lotion to moisturize your feet. When applying the lotion, the feet will be massaged to provide a relaxing effect and reduce tension and achiness in the feet.

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