Drying Wet Carpet Easily

Carpets are an important part of decorating a house to make it look more beautiful. Carpets are used for various purposes. However, the carpet also has the potential to get dirty easily, due to dust or even water spills. Water spilled on the carpet must be drained immediately so that it does not become damp and cause mold. To dry the wet carpet, you can use a rag or hair dryer. But before drying, we must know the level of wetness of the carpet to be dried. But to get it dry easily you can use carpet cleaning northern beaches. Or here’s what you can do to dry the carpet easily:

1. Cloth. Maybe you accidentally spilled water on the carpet, making the carpet wet. If the water spilled is not too much, friends can use a cloth that absorbs water to dry. Place the cloth on a damp area. Press the fabric with a heavy object so that the fabric quickly absorbs water on the carpet. After the water moves to the fabric, you can smooth the fur on the carpet and let it dry quickly.

2. Fan. Use a fan to dry the carpet to prevent mold from appearing. Using a fan is only effective for damp carpet conditions, yes. You can turn on the fan and aim at a humid area. With the help of a fan, the water on the carpet will quickly evaporate.

3. Hair Dryer. In addition to fans, hair dryers can also be a solution for wet carpets. The way to dry the carpet is just to turn on the hair dryer and direct it to the wet part of the carpet. But friends, be careful when using a hairdryer. Make sure not to point the hair dryer too close. The heat in the hairdryer can damage the fibers of some types of carpet.

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