Dry Wet Carpet Immediately To Avoid Mold

Drying wet carpet after water damage or flood is not an easy task. That is why it is important to use the discover more here to help you clean the carpet and make sure it is dried completely. You should try to blow air between the rubber and the cushion. You should try to dry the cushions without removing the carpet, especially if the cushions and the floor underneath only look a little wet. Increase the effect and open the window to help the drying process. Put the suction hose on the vacuum cleaner drain then place it under the carpet, position the carpet upside down over the hose. Hot air will make the carpet lifted to the surface of the cushion and accelerate the drying process.

Contact a professional service. In the end, the best way to deal with the wet carpet covering the entire space is to contact someone who can dry the carpet. It is very important to do this step as soon as possible so that the related company can save as much carpet, flooring, and cushion as possible. Make sure the service provides a guarantee and look for the service company that promises to dry your carpet, cushions, and floor. Check the home insurance policy. Your home insurance agreement may cover carpet cleaning costs, depending on the cause of the carpet wetness. Do not wait. Molds can grow within 24 hours and cause many problems. You need to dry the carpet in your car as soon as possible. This step will not only ensure that you are free of fungus problems but also anticipate that water does not penetrate the electrical parts.

Determine where the leak came from. It won’t do you much good if you just dry the carpet without knowing and stopping the leak (the cause of getting wet). You will only keep drying the carpet. Dry as much water as possible. Use a special vacuum cleaner that can dry water or a dehumidifier (or both). Both of these tools are easily rented. Use both to dry as much water as you can, especially from parts of the carpet that are difficult to dry.

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