Drivers Must Know Types And Functions Of Dashcams

Technology in the automotive world continues to evolve to support safety and security when driving on the road. One of the many accessories that are now installed in today’s cars is the car dashboard camera or commonly known as the dashcam. Yes, the way a dashcam works is similar to a surveillance camera or closed-circuit television (CCTV), but it is designed for cars, which is to record road conditions while driving. The recording process is designed automatically and starts when the car starts. If you want to buy a new dashcam, we recommend you read some dashcam reviews beforehand if you only want to get the most suitable dashcam for yourself dashcam report.

There are several types of dashcams that can be used as a tool that helps surveillance of cars and also produces recording evidence, such as front-facing, interior, outdoor types, and also two channels, front, and rear.

It also has different functions, what is commonly used and important is the front-facing dashcam. But if you want to be more secure, you can use the two-channel one, facing front and back.

The use of both is to find out and become evidence if there is an incident in front or there is a rear-end accident by another car.

This is to avoid extortion. There are times when you experience a collision, you will blame each other between two or more parties. The tape from the dashcam can be real evidence for the car owner to determine who was right and wrong for the incident.

Not only that, but the recordings from dashcam can also help insurers investigate the cause of the accident. This recording will reinforce the insurer’s findings regarding claims whether the car owner is entitled to coverage for the incident that occurred or not.

The interior dashboard has a function to monitor activities in the cabin. Usually used by people who use a driver. So you can find out the activities when the driver is driving, for example taking school children, how to drive the driver, car abuse, and so on.

Meanwhile, the exterior cameras are widely used by trucking freight forwarders. The purpose is to prove that while on the way the truck driver becomes a victim of ambushing thieves and his luggage is looted.

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