Dining Table Types Are Based On Their Shapes And Materials

The interior of the dining room would not be complete without a dining table. You have to choose the right type of dining table based on your needs and tastes. The goal, so that the dining table can perfect the function of the dining room as well as the overall decorative interior. It turns out that the large variety of dining tables on the market can indeed make you confused when you want to buy it. Therefore, perhaps you want to consult with an expert from a furniture store brisbane so you know which type of a dining table that suits your house.

Based on its shape, the dining table can be divided into several variants, such as:

Square Dining Table

This dining table choice is usually only enough for four people. The square dining table is most suitable for families with small members. The small shape makes the dining room not seem cramped.

Rectangular Dining Table

If you have many family members, a rectangular dining table is a right choice. It’s because this table has a large capacity and is enough to accommodate many people.

Round Dining Table

People whose houses are relatively small usually do not choose the shape of this dining table. Besides needing a large room, the round dining table also cannot be used by many people, a maximum of only four people.

Free Form Dining Tables

The irregular shape usually comes from solid wood material. The dining table is usually very sturdy and effectively reinforces the natural impression of the interior of the house.

In addition to its shape, the dining table can also be distinguished based on the material, such as:

Wooden Dining Table

Wood is indeed most often used for dining tables because it is considered practical and the price is quite affordable. However, this dining table must be treated routinely.

Glass Dining Table

Modern households use a lot of glass dining tables because they are considered more attractive and minimalist. In addition, the choice of the right glass dining table also makes the house seem more spacious.

Aluminum Dining Table

Aluminum is also a favorite for dining tables because of its lightweight and good durability. This material is also suitable to be combined with minimalist interior nuances.

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