Determining Your Dog’s Food Needs

Find out what advice the doctor can give based on your pet’s current health condition. If your dog has specific health problems that are affected by diet (diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatitis, food allergies, etc.), the vet will discuss options with you and design a diet plan for your pet. You can also try Life Abundance dog food reviews.

Consult your vet if you have concerns about chronic diarrhea or skin problems that may be related to a food allergy. Diarrhea in dogs can have a variety of causes (internal parasites, bacterial infection), but the food is definitely one of the biggest possible causes.

Sometimes soft stool, which improves after a day or two in an animal that continues to behave and eat, as usual, is usually not something to worry about. However, pets who have severe persistent diarrhea and/or have other clinical problems, such as weakness and decreased appetite should be investigated and dietary changes can be part of the treatment for these cases. Chronic itchy skin that doesn’t seem to change with the seasons may be related to a food allergy.

There are commercially produced foods or recommended food formulations that may require the assistance of an animal nutritionist.

Remember that marketing on TV, magazines, and stores is targeted at people to trust and buy it. Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures and adorable advertisements. Do some research on behalf of your furry friend. Labels containing marketing terms such as “premium”, “natural” or “luxury food” are great for selling dog food but do not have a definition approved by the FDA or pet food manufacturers.

Decide between canned food or dry food. Most dogs will be fine with any type of food, but sometimes you may come across a dog that is sensitive to one form of food. These animals may experience symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea, which indicates that their digestive system is unable to process the food properly.

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