Common Reasons For WiFi Installation At Home

Common Reasons For WiFi Installation At Home

Today’s internet network is very necessary, even for the smallest area, like in a home. Yes, now there are many mobile devices used by family members, even everyone in a family member can have one or more mobile devices. With this number of mobile devices, you must start considering the installation of internet at home by utilizing the presence of WiFi. Here are some reasons why people choose WiFi when considering or planning to choose the network cabling installation.

There are many devices that support Wi-Fi

Well, as mentioned earlier, at this time mobile users at home can be said to be many. It is not impossible if every family member has one. Well, using Wi-Fi is very suitable, because mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even PCs can already support Wi-Fi (by adding an adapter).

Device mobility needs are very high

If your movements don’t want to be limited by cable (for example), you want to be more active when playing gadgets, Wi-Fi networks are the solution you need. The use of Wi-Fi allows very high levels of user mobility.

Many have left cable connections
Devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, do not need a cable to be able to overlay data, because basically they have been supported by a wireless connection. Even now, PC users have started using Wi-Fi adapters to connect to Access Points.

The need for bandwidth is not too large
Actually, when compared to cable networks, this Wi-Fi network is still lost in bandwidth. Don’t forget to consider that the area covered is only for home, many of people think that the small bandwidth of Wi-Fi is enough to cover the exchange of data between users at home. You can use Wi-Fi with 802.11ac infrastructure because it is supported by a data rate of up to 1GBps.

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