Choose a Matte Lipstick that Suits You

Matte lipstick seems to be a must-have item for women. Besides being more durable, matte lipsticks are considered more comfortable to use than other types. There are various cosmetic brands that have issued quality matte lipsticks. After the boom in 1920, matte lipsticks were reintroduced by The Kardashians in 2016. At that time, The Kardashians released matte lipsticks that sold out in no time. You have to choose beauty products tested by professionals. Since then, matte lipsticks from other makeup brands have appeared. Actually, what is the difference between a matte lipstick and other types?

From the formula, matte lipstick has very little oil content giving it a matte finish. Because it doesn’t give shine, your lips will look denser when using this type of lipstick. The advantage of matte lipstick is that it doesn’t feel sticky. Generally, matte lipsticks are also transfer-proof so they don’t stain food, glasses, or spoons. However, generally matte lipsticks will dry out the lips. So, before using matte lipsticks, we recommend that you apply lip balm to give extra moisture to the lips. In addition, this type of lipstick is also difficult to remove, so you need a makeup remover to clean it.

Once you know your skin undertone, then you can choose the right lipstick color. Generally, cool undertones are owned by fair-skinned people, so look for lipsticks in nude, brown, pink, and red colors. Warm and neutral undertones cover a wider range of skin tones. Owners of warm undertones with olive skin can choose lipsticks in peach, maroon, mauve, and brick orange. However, if you are classified as having a dark skin tone, lipsticks in purplish, pink, and dark red are perfect for you.

Choose a matte lipstick with moisturizing ingredients, such as squalane, jojoba oil, honey, or argan oil. This content will keep your lips moist, thereby reducing the effect of dry lips. In addition, matte lipstick with moisturizer also looks better on the lips because it doesn’t accentuate the lip lines. This point is very important for you to pay attention to, especially if you always use matte lipstick every day. It is undeniable that these ingredients not only provide moisture but will also nourish your lips. The results will certainly not be immediately visible. However, you will realize the benefits at a later date.

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