Causes that Make Your Roof Leak

The shape of the roof will greatly affect the aesthetics of the house. Like a hair on humans, the roof also serves as the crown of a house. So designing the desired type of roof is very important. It will also affect the calculation of material costs and installation. Do not let when we have started to be installed and changed and does not match the shape of the house. This will certainly be very harmful both in terms of time and costs that have been spent.

Is your roof often leaking? If so, you should first make sure the cause. Leaky roof usually occurs when heavy rain. If you know the cause, you can take proper precautions. Here are some common causes of leaky roof you need to know. Apart from that, we’d like to recommend you to hire the roofing grande prairie when you require the experts in the roofing service.

First, is the installation error. This usually happens when the roofer is less careful when installing the roof. Some locations are prone to “enter” water, ie ridge, edge joints, and gutters.

Second, construction errors. This is one of them due to incomplete roof slope. Types of roof tile coverings used usually have a slope of between 30 to 40 degrees. If the slope is less than that, it is feared there will be leakage due to rainfall. In addition, the position of the tile is relatively prone to sag that could result in leakage.

The solution to this problem, ie rearranging the roof slope or unloading total. Another solution that can be done, namely to give an antibody coating sheet at the bottom of the tile. Although water enters through a gap between the targets, the water will still be retained by the plastic layer before it is channeled to the gutter. Do not forget to use a tile that has a nail hole to lock the roof tile so as not to sag.

Third, it gets damaged by the weather. The roof is part of the building structure of the house most exposed to weather exposure. Starting from the sun to the rain.

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