Ayahuasca Spiritual Experience

The moment of ‘meeting with God’ makes people happier, even if the experience is drug-induced like when you ingest Ayahuasca. Feelings of being one with a higher power have long been associated with greater overall life satisfaction. Some may argue that you cannot create such an experience. But a new survey by Johns Hopkins University scientists suggests otherwise. Most of those who had a ‘God encounter’ or mother ayahuasca experience called it the most meaningful experience of their life. Reduces people’s fear of death. This new research adds to scientists’ interest in the potential positive impact of psychedelic drugs on mental health.

As mental health problems increase, doctors, scientists, and patients are increasingly seeking anti-anxiety medications and antidepressant medications. Meditation and mindfulness are also recommended as complementary therapies for mental health problems. A growing number of clinical trials are exploring the use of psychedelics such as psilocybin – from the ‘magic’ mushroom – and club drugs such as MDMA and ketamine for depression and PTSD, with very promising results. In short, neuroscientists argue that all of these methods promote neuroplasticity or the kind of flexibility of the brain that is thought to prevent mental health problems.

But demographic and social studies show certain types of beliefs and experiences are themselves linked to better mental health. For example, researchers observed that people whose belief systems value and give them a greater sense of ‘oneness’ with the world, universe, or any entity they believe to be greater than individuals, are more satisfied with life as a whole. In recent years, scientists have increasingly viewed psychedelic drugs as a promising therapy for treatment-resistant mental illness. Today, such mind-altering drugs are largely illegal in the US. But ongoing clinical trials suggest that the drug once loved by hippies and club kids may have medical benefits, too. Especially in mental and brain health.

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