Suggestions for Dealing with Social Media Harassment

Because you are not dealing with the perpetrator directly, online harassment is a particularly difficult form of bullying to manage. As a result, it must be handled more delicately than an in-person confrontation, or you can also make denunciar acoso laboral for your incident.

Here are some pointers to help your company avoid the pitfalls of social media.

1. Harassment is not tolerated.

When attacked, it is a natural human instinct to defend oneself. However, responding to an abuser on the internet is akin to adding fuel to a fire. You are giving them exactly what they want by responding to their insults or threats. As a result, it’s best to avoid escalating a situation by remaining silent whenever possible.

2. Positive thinking can help to balance out the situation.

If you are being harassed to the point where silence is no longer an option, try positively engaging with the aggressor. Instead of becoming defensive, offer something constructive. Empathy may defuse the situation because it is more difficult to attack someone who is attempting to put their best foot forward.

3. Tell us how you feel

It’s easy to dismiss social media harassment as “just Facebook” or “just a troll,” but that doesn’t take away the emotional impact it has on you. It’s normal to feel frustrated, isolated, or anxious about the harassment you’re experiencing. Online life is very much like real life. So, if you’re stressed, talk to a friend or a professional to help you work through your emotions.

4. Check your passwords twice

If you are being harassed on social media, your personal information may be published online. This can include passwords, both for your social media accounts and your accounts. Check the health of your online accounts first: If you haven’t changed your password in a long time or have passwords that are easy to guess, now is the time to create a password that is impossible to guess. You might also want to enable two-factor authentication, which requires you to confirm your identity via phone before you can access your account.

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